Yellow Wooden Gift Box Model j161


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The right gift box determines the value of your gift. Choose the right gift box to put your gifts in it and send it to your loved ones

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The need to receive a gift on occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, New Year, and apart from its material dimension makes us feel important to those around us, and these people actually bought something in our memory and because of us. اند. This is true not only for the happiness of the person who received the gift, but also for the recipient. Because when we are going to buy a gift, we are looking for the best option with all our strength and love. This makes us feel good and positive about this process. On the other hand, the cheerful and happy face of the person to whom the gift belongs when he receives our gift, makes us even happier. Now the question is whether it is possible to give a gift to a person without applying beautiful packaging? And what is the role of these beautification in increasing the visual appeal of the gift? It is less common to offer a gift to someone in raw form. We often cover the gift with gift wrapping paper or put it in beautiful boxes. It may be interesting to know that such actions will not add to the material or spiritual value of your gift, but only psychologically sensory Full of curiosity and excitement, they convey it to the person to whom the gift belongs. Therefore, this gift box can be a good choice to put your gift in it.

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Dimensions 14.1x12.6x6 cm
Color Yellow & Green & Brown
Handling time 7 Days
Place of production Iran
Suitable for Gift
Weight 200 Gram
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