Yalda Night Gift Set Model Mahfel


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Embrace the enchantment of Yalda Night with PersianKado’s exclusive Yalda Night Gift Sets. Beyond the tangible elements, our sets are crafted to evoke a sense of connection and joy, capturing the essence of this cherished Iranian tradition. Feel the anticipation and excitement as your loved ones unwrap the beautifully presented Yalda Night Gift Set, igniting a sense of celebration and tradition. Whether near or far, this gesture transcends physical distances, creating a shared experience that lingers in the heart. PersianKado’s Yalda Night Gift Sets are not just packages; they are conduits of emotion, fostering a connection that extends beyond the material realm. Capture the spirit of Yalda Night with our thoughtfully curated sets, and let your gesture illuminate the night with love and cherished moments.

  • Type: Gift Set
  • Box Shape: Rectangular
  • Occasion: Yalda Night
  • Color Theme: Black
  • Suitable for: Gifting, Decoration


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