Sound Wave Framed Print with a Custom Name Design


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This Framed Print is a harmonious fusion of art and personalization. It comes with a surprise feature – the ability to play sound. When the barcode on the print is scanned, the sound will play. With a custom name or message elegantly integrated, it becomes a one-of-a-kind artwork. Each print is meticulously crafted, featuring high-quality materials and precision framing. It’s more than just a print; it’s a symphony of memories and identity, a true reflection of what matters most. With Persian Kado, sharing this personalized masterpiece with your loved ones in Iran is effortless, allowing them to display their cherished moments with pride and love.

  • Size: Variable
  • Frame Material: PVC
  • Personalization: Photo, Name & Audio
  • Frame Color: Variable
  • After placing your order and payment on the website, send your photos & audio via WhatsApp or Telegram
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