Persian Leather Bracelet – Azr Symbol


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Persian leather Bracelet  Model Azr  made of Natural Leather & Steel with the Horse design which is the symbol of Azr . Azr is the ninth month of the Solar Hijri calendar.

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Do you miss your loved ones?
The history of gift giving goes back a long way and has a very long history. It is clear that in our nature and roots there is a desire to give and receive gifts, and for this reason this desire still exists all over the world and among people. Giving a gift has a great impact on human relationships and social structure. Maybe that’s why the process of choosing a gift and buying it sometimes causes stress in people. We feel happy when we give a gift to someone about ourselves and the person receiving the gift. One of the must useful & lasting gift that you can give to your loved ones is this Persian Leather Bracelet – Azr Symbol. By giving this Bracelet as a gift, they will remember you every time they see this bracelet in their hands, and your love and affection will wave inside them.

Terms and Conditions
This Product ship to all over Iran by PersianKado.

Handling time Ship by Maker: 7 Days
Ship by ShopiPersia: 10-11 Days
Place of production Iran
Suitable for Ladies & Man
Material Natural Leather
Bracelet specifications
Weight 30 Gram
Approximate length 24x1.5 cm
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