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This chocolate box is a treasure chest of flavors, a journey through pure cocoa bliss. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously crafted for a truly exquisite tasting experience. From silky ganaches to crunchy pralines, it’s a symphony of chocolate delight. More than a gift, it’s a gesture of indulgence and affection. When you share this chocolate box, you’re not just offering sweets; you’re gifting moments of pure joy. Every bite whispers of your thoughtfulness and shared memories, making it a perfect token of your appreciation. Share the delight of these decadent chocolates and elevate special occasions with Persian Kado’s original chocolate box.

  • Chocolate Type: Authentic chocolates with a valid expiration date
  • Packaging: Box
  • Box Shape: Round
  • Box Size: 15×20 cm
  • Suitable for: Any Occasion

Do you miss your loved ones?

Welcome to Persian Kado, your gateway to heartfelt connections across borders. Among our array of cherished gifts, our chocolate boxes stand as an emblem of sweetness and affection, making them an ideal choice to surprise your loved ones in Iran. Picture the joy on your dear ones’ faces as they unwrap a carefully selected box of chocolates, each piece representing a moment of love. Chocolates, with their universal appeal, convey emotions that words may struggle to express. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply showing you care, our chocolate boxes offer a delightful surprise. Their indulgent flavors symbolize the richness of your bonds, while the elegant packaging reflects the care you invest in each relationship. At Persian Kado, we understand the art of gifting, and our chocolate boxes exemplify our dedication to nurturing connections. With every bite, you’re not just sharing a treat; you’re sharing joy, love, and the promise of cherished moments. Choose Persian Kado to send these delightful gestures to Iran, and let our chocolate boxes be the embodiment of your affection, a reminder that love knows no borders.

Dimensions 15x20 cm
Color White
Handling time Ready to Ship
Place of production Iran
Suitable for Any Occasion
Shipping Time for other Cities 1-3 Working Days

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