Iranian Gift Card 2,000,000 Toman


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This unique PersianKado gift card is designed to transcend borders and bring joy to your loved ones in Iran. Unlike traditional gift cards, we offer a distinctive approach. With this card, there’s no physical item involved. Instead, we facilitate a direct transfer of the specified amount to your chosen recipient’s bank account in Iran. This means that your loved ones have the flexibility to use the gifted funds for whatever they need most, whether it’s for daily expenses, special occasions, or saving for the future. It’s a versatile and thoughtful way to support them from afar, ensuring that your gift is both meaningful and practical. Trust PersianKado to help you send not just money, but your love and care across the miles.

  • Value: 2,000,000 Toman
  • Handling time: Without delay
  • Payment Methods: SWIFT, Zelle, Paypal, Credit Cards
  • Redemption Method: Online
  • Funds transfer to the designated account is processed instantly.


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