Customized Name Letters Chocolate Box


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These customized chocolates encapsulate a world of emotions, with each piece offering a distinct journey of flavor. Assembled thoughtfully, they create a personalized narrative of taste and delight. Just like chapters in a book, every chocolate tells a story, invoking cherished memories and shared moments. Unveil a box that’s more than a gift – it’s an experience, an exploration of the senses that speaks to your deep connection. With each bite, you’re not just enjoying chocolate; you’re savoring the warmth of your bond. Share this extraordinary gift through Persian Kado, and let your loved ones in Iran discover the story you’ve crafted just for them.

  • Chocolate Color: Brown & White
  • Box Color: Black
  • Chocolate piece dimensions: 4×6 cm
  • Flavor: Sweet Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate
  • Number of chocolates: Variable


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