Customized Business Branding Chocolates


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This Customized Business Branding Chocolates offers a delectable blend of artistry and branding, merging the rich indulgence of chocolates with personalized imagery and business identity. Crafted with care, each chocolate is encased in a tastefully adorned wrapper featuring the image of your choice – be it your logo, product, or cherished memory. Elevate your gifting game or promotional efforts by infusing these delectable treats with your brand’s essence. Not stopping at the chocolates alone, the packaging itself can be adorned with your design, forming a harmonious ensemble that leaves a lasting impression. Ideal for both everyday promotions and special occasions, these customized chocolates add a unique touch to your business endeavors, making every bite a sensorial delight and every package a canvas for your business story.

  • Box Material: Hard Box
  • Box Size: 18x8x4 cm
  • Chocolate Dimensions: 3.5×3.5 cm
  • Flavor: Dark Chocolate (78%) & Sweet Chocolate
  • Number of chocolates: 20


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